High repeatability of defined

By automating a business can achieve continuous quality, high efficiency, shorten process time, this not only saves resources but also reduces the impact of human factors on the process. Our specialties include automated installations for treating the surface of the workpiece, removing sharp edges, polishing, welding, automated measurement and control of workpieces, laser marking and packaging.

Automation of the manufacturing process is applicable to a wide area of production and is used in all sectors. With the cooperation of suppliers in different sectors, we make projects that are the subject of substantial production, and combine new processes with existing ones.
Robots are doing what people shouldn’t be, and that with no errors!

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  • Niteh Automation Production Program
    Rotary feeders
    Robot stands
    Robot range extenders
  • Robot manipulation
    Machine tending
    Assembly, control
    Painting, drying
    Marking, packaging
  • Mechanical treatment with robots
    Sharp edge removal
    Drilling, grinding, polishing
  • Components
    Safety fences
  • Other
    Welding components for welding with a robotic arm
    Surfacing of metal powders

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