Precision and perfection

Taking care of tools is very demanding and requires much responsibility, which we accept in order to find the best technological solutions. Cutting tools involved in a small proportion of the cost of production, but in the ratio of investment and gain the highest percentage. Our cutting tool systems are entrusted to leading manufacturers and according to the same segment, we treat with special reverence. Repeatable quality of each cutting edge is our goal.

Equipment tools and raw materials for making them an integral part of any technology, without which it can not be successfully closed cycle production process. Production and supply of specialist tools and toolholder, clamping devices, materials, tools, forging, threading, deformation, are only one part of our concern for your production.

Tools & Equipment

Cutting tools Edge tool Clamping tools Mechanized hand tools
Milling Slicing Tool holders, chucks BIAX tools
Turning Perforation Bushings, pins
Drilling Stamping Turntables
Power tools Tools for shaping Raw materials for making tools
Multipliers Flexion Hard metals
Alati za štosanje Deep drawing High Speed Steel HSS
Special power tools Threading Densimed
Quick change holders Minting Molydben

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