By automating, we can achieve continuous quality, high efficiency, shortened process time, resource savings, and reduce the impact of the human factor on the manufacturing process. Our specialty is automated plants for the treatment of workpiece surfaces, removal of sharp edges, polishing, welding and surfacing, automatic measurements, control of workpieces, laser marking and packaging of workpieces. Process automation is applicable to a wide range of production and is used in all segments of industry. Through the cooperation of suppliers of different sectors, we create projects that make significant improvements in production, and combine new processes with existing ones. Robots do what humans shouldn’t do, and without mistakes!

Niteh automation production program
  • Nibox

  • Turn-pyramid

  • Robotic stand

  • Additional axis for robots

Robot manipulation
  • Machines or measuring stations tending

  • Assembly, quality control

  • Dyeing, drying

  • Marking, packing

Robotic machining
  • Edge removal

  • Drilling, grinding, polishing

  • Robots

  • Grippers

  • Safety fence

  • Signalisation

  • Misc

  • Component welding

  • Metal powder welding