Caring for tools is a demanding and responsible task, which we have accepted to find the best tehnological solutions. Cutting tools participate in a small share of the cost of production, but in the ratio of invested and obtained, with the highest percentage. Our cutting tools systems are entrusted to the leading manufacturers in the industry and we treat this segment with special respect. Equipment of tools and raw materials for their production are an integral part of every technology, without which the cycle of the production process cannot be successfully completed. Production and procurement of special tools and tool holders, clamping devices, raw materials, forging tools, drawing and deformation are just one part of our concern for your production.

Cutting tools
  • Milling

  • Turning

  • Drilling

  • Sawing

Clamping systems
  • Tool holders

  • Workpiece clamping systems

  • Collets, chucks

  • Turn tables

Driven tools
  • Multiplicators

  • Broaching tools

  • Special driven tools

  • Quick-change tools

Power hand tools
  • Biax pneumatic tools

  • Elora tools and equipment

  • Nitto Kohki tools

Shaping and cutting tools
  • Bending

  • Forging

  • Pressing

  • Cutting

  • Punching

  • Stamping

Raw materials for tool making
  • Hard metal

  • HSS steel

  • Densimed

  • Molybden